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Music Thursdays: Katy Perry – Dark Horse


Today, I heard this new song on the radio and wow, I liked it!  Katy Perry has been on a roll with hit songs like “Last Friday Night”, “Roar”, “Unconditionally”, and more!  Now, Katy Perry has teamed up with Juicy J, who is a rapper and songwriter from Memphis, TN, for this new song!   “Dark Horse” combines the genres of trap, grime, and hip hop, creating what has been described as a “Southern rap-techno mashup”, while drawing elements from musical styles such as pop, EDM, and dubstep.  It contains “darker” and “sexier” themes not seen in her previous work, and features a minimal production, with Perry’s vocals being sung in a “seductive” and “mature” tone, while Juicy J is featured on the song’s intro and rapped-bridge.

“Dark Horse” has reached the top 10 in the US Billboard Hot 100 charts and is currently the number one song on the iTunes download chart.  Here is the song in audio form only.

Here is a video from Katy Perry at the iHeartRadio Music Festival performing “Dark Horse.”  I have to believe the dance she did is going to very popular once the official music video comes out!

Want to learn the dance steps?  Check out this YouTube video from David Danville and Skyline Studios.  Yep, I think this dance is going to be very popular!  I think you are going to see this dance in a lot of high school proms this Spring!

And check out the cover for “Dark Horse”, Wow!

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