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The Chew 500th Episode / Radio Discussions Shuts Down


Two things to talk about in this post.  One celebrates a big TV milestone while the other talks about a popular discussion board shutting down, let’s go!

The Chew 500th Episode

I admit, I am happy to see the ABC show The Chew reach the 500 episode mark.  Since I am a foodie at heart and do Guy’s Cuisine recipes on Geek Alabama.  I do watch cooking shows on TV, and I try to catch most of the new The Chew episodes that I can watch.  Each episode focuses on a certain theme and features cooking, recipes, behind the scenes stuff, arts and crafts, and some fun as well.  The five hosts are Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, and Daphne Oz.

All five hosts work well with each other and are fun to watch!  For the season, the hybrid daytime talk/food show is averaging a robust 2.7 million viewers which is up 15 percent from this time last year.  The show is on target to have the best season in its three-year history.  Sure, some people refuse to watch anything from ABC because they cancelled All My Children and One Live To Live.  But The Chew is worth watching, especially if you are a food lover.  I have created some of their recipes from the show and they are good!  I hope The Chew sticks around for a long time to come!  I hope I can get up to New York City one day to attend a taping!

The Chew airs weekdays at 12 pm Central on ABC.  To learn more about The Chew, go to:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @thechew.

Radio Discussions Shuts Down

The popular message board website is now closed down.  All links to the boards on the website are now dead and if you go to the front page, it reads “Effective immediately RadioDiscussions and is ceasing operation.  We appreciate all of your support over the years.”  According to several sources, inability to monetize the website appears to be the reason behind its sudden demise.

I liked going to Radio Discussions to read the latest radio and TV news.  Along with the boards focusing on radio, there were boards focusing on TV markets and TV as well.  It was a great place to discuss things in the media world.  Now it’s gone.  For fans of the late Radio Discussions, there are two websites you can go to continue the discussions.  One is and the other is  Too bad this website is gone.  Many great websites have come and gone because even though they get great traffic, they can’t find a way to make money.  I hope Geek Alabama is not next.


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