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Samsung Galaxy Gear And Those Cool Nostalgia Watches


Have you seen these new commercials on TV showing some of the technology advanced watches through the years?  The commercial featured your nostalgia watches through the years in famous movies and TV shows.  The commercial featured watches from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Inspector Gadget, Star Trek, The Jetsons, Dick Tracy, Knight Rider, Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, and Predator.  I loved seeing all of those geeky watches and the movie / TV clips where they were used in action, here are the videos.

Just in case you were asking, the music in those videos are from LCD Soundsystem.  The song is called “Someone Great.”

Now, Samsung has come out with a watch we should have seen years ago.  The Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch allows users to make hands-free calls and features a 1.9 megapixel camera, auto lock and a featured called “Find My Device.”  The watches are connected to the phone via Bluetooth radios.  This first watch will help popularize wearable-computing devices, a category that’s expected to soar over the next five years.  And some people are saying this first smart watch from Samsung was released too early to beat Apple to the punch.

Think these watches are just a fad and many people will not buy them, think again! According to research firm IHS.  It’s expecting fewer than 300,000 watches will sell this year, but millions will be sold next year.  By 2018, annual sales should reach nearly 39 million units.  I think we will be seeing many people wearing smart watches in the next five years.  For ladies, the watches will be better and they can carry their smartphones in their purses instead of a pocket.  For guys, they will want the watch because guys love tech stuff!

Now, will these smart watches replace the smartphone in the future?   I am guessing they will.  Smart watches will partner with smartphones so you can use the same phone number and apps with both devices.  And that will be a good thing in our tech savvy world.  Soon, we will be using watches like we have seen on The Jetsons.  And as Andre Meadows, aka the Black Nerd says, we will see people modify their smart watches to model them like the ones from those classic TV shows and movies.  It won’t be long now until we see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers watches!

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