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Facebook And The Less Private Internet World


This news is upsetting many people here in Alabama.  You see, Facebook is the most popular social media website in Alabama.  More people rely on Facebook for status updates from friends, news updates, and weather updates.  Many people follow their county and city police on Facebook for updates.  And many people follows news stations and the pages of anchors and weather guys for updates.  The most popular figure for Facebook followings in Alabama has to be James Spann.

Sure, Twitter and Google Plus are growing in Alabama.  And I have lots of followers on those social media networks.  But many people only use Facebook.  Some might also have a Twitter account, but it’s hardly used.  So when Facebook comes out with some news that they would get rid of a privacy feature that let users limit who can find them on the social network.  This has some people up in arms and concerned.

Facebook Inc. said that it is removing a setting that controls whether users could be found when people type their name into the website’s search bar.  It says only a single-digit percentage of the nearly 1.2 billion people on its network were using the setting.  Facebook is making this change because they rolled out their graph search.  And they want everything made searchable.  Again, this has some people very concerned and some people are saying they might delete their Facebook account.

Yes, on Facebook you can block people and limit what people see on your accounts from things like pictures, contact info., and status updates.  The internet is becoming less private these days.  If you really want to stay private and hidden on the internet.  You will have to stay off the internet for good.  It’s does not matter where you go from Google, a news website, or playing a game.  Companies are going to collect some basic information from that user.

If you really want to stay as private as possible while on the internet.  There are some ways that I have found.  One, you can go to Anonymise Us, their advanced proxy tool is designed to route, cleanse and deliver any web page through our dedicated server before delivering the safe version to you.  Learn more at:

You could also use IP Hider, which masks the real IP of a user, allowing him to browse all kind of pages without ever worrying that the ISPs or any other marketing tool is monitoring your surfing habits or spammers are attacking your computer.  The only problem here is it’s going to cost you money.  Learn more about IP Hider at:

If you use Google Chrome like I do, you can go into incognito mode.  And it’s simple to do.  Just click on the settings tab on the top right and click on New Incognito Mode.  Although, after the latest iOS update, some have complained that incognito mode no longer works.  All of these methods will not prevent you to be secretly on the internet, unless you use a new IP Address.  So if you really want to stay secret on the internet, you have to stay off the internet.  And with our society going more towards a connected world, you may have no option but to use the internet.


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