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Why Corporal Punishment Should Be Banned From Schools


My post about why dodgeball should be banned in schools has been very popular on Geek Alabama with many people not agreeing with me, I mean that is fine.  But I don’t think students should be throwing something to hit other students.  If you have not seen that post, click the link!

If you think banning dodgeball is controversial, wait until I talk about the next thing I want banned from schools, it’s corporal punishment.  Let the controversies begin!

Corporal Punishment is banned in mental institutions, prisons, and in the US Military.  But somehow, this abusive form of punishment is still allowed in schools in 19 states that are mostly Republican led.  The reasons why I think spanking should be banned is simple, no other adult should have permission to touch another student in the private parts, that includes the buttocks.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube of some teachers that go way too far and leave bruises and cuts on the buttocks after corporal punishment is administered.

And think about this, most countries around the world have banned corporal punishment from their schools.  But somehow, the United States still allows this punishment.  Why is that?  Is the Federal Government and the US Congress too afraid the Christian, Bible leading people will kick them out of office if they banned spanking?  Some people will point to the Bible to a passage that says “spare the rod, spoil the child.”  But like some things you read in the Bible, some things are too archaic for today’s society.

I think it is high time for all schools to ban corporal punishment once and for all!  Spanking is abusive to the kids and some adults will go full throttle on the kids while spanking on the buttocks.  I mean, who wants to be spanked by a paddle like this, it’s too abusive.

This is not safe!

Yes, bullying in schools is an epidemic problem.  But there are better ways to punish a child than to spank them.  Now, the parents of the kids can do whatever they want and if they feel spanking is good, then they can do it.  But, I wish those parents would voluntary end spanking.  Many studies have shown that corporal punishment is bad for the child’s mental health.  And think about this, what kids are most likely to be spanked in schools, it is minority students and special needs students.  That’s not right!

A Leeds Alabama mother has started an online petition urging reintroduction and passage of a bill sponsored by U.S. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-New York, that would ban corporal punishment from all schools in the United States.  Schools should be a safe and fun learning environment for all students.  Adults, administrators, and teachers in schools should never allow violence and humiliation on any student!  Think about it, what if you were beaten with a paddle and humiliated by other adults, you would not think very well would you.  That’s why corporal punishment should be banned from schools.  I hope that happens!

Sign the petition at:

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