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Help the Birmingham Hammers Bring Pro Sports To Birmingham


The downtown Birmingham Alabama area has seen a tremendous growth!  Railroad Park is very popular with the people, Regions Field is the new home of the Birmingham Barons and it set an attendance record for its opening season!  The entertainment district is coming together and will be a big draw for downtown!  And to cash in on this success, Birmingham needs a pro sports team!

The Birmingham Metro is home to over one million people, and the city has no pro sports team.  Making it one of the biggest metro areas in the entire country without a pro sports team.  The biggest metro area was Oklahoma City, until the Thunder NBA team moved in.  Now, a group of people are wanting to bring a professional soccer team to Birmingham to hopefully play in Major League Soccer.

John Killian, Morgan Copes, and Phil Amthor founded the Birmingham Hammers, and their mission is to bring a professional soccer team to Birmingham.  If you think the only sport people cares about in Alabama is football, you are wrong.  The Birmingham TV Market is always ranked very high in the ratings when it comes to live sports from any league.  In fact, during a US World Cup qualifier match against Mexico, Birmingham demonstrated the highest viewership in the country, at almost twice the national average.

Birmingham is a vibrant city that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and with that growth has come a renewed interest and pride in our beautiful city.  With the return of the Barons to the city proper and the many renovations to historic downtown areas, Birmingham is nicely situated to take the next step, which the founders believe is a top-tier professional sports team.

Soccer is increasingly becoming the most played sport in the United States.  It is currently played by more children in Alabama than any other sport and the interest and participation in Birmingham and the surrounding areas extends well beyond youth leagues.  There are adult leagues, pick-up games, and even organizations who solely gather to watch games together.  Yes, Alabama is not all about football of the pigskin kind anymore!

It’s time for the Birmingham Metro to have a professional sports team.  If the Barons can get record attendance, a professional sports team will have the fans and attendance to support it!  To accomplish their goal of bringing professional Soccer to the Magic City they need your support.  You can join them on Facebook and invite your friends.  You can attend an event and bring a friend.  Another great way to show your support is by purchasing a limited edition Birmingham Hammers scarf.  All proceeds will help to cover the cost of attaining nonprofit status.

Learn more about the Birmingham Hammers at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @BhamHammers.

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