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The YouTube Geek Week POW! Effect


If you are watching any YouTube Geek Week videos, you might have seen this special button on the bottom of the video.  It’s called the POW! button, and if you are a fan of comic books, you will like this feature!

When you click on the POW! button, your video will be instantly turned into a comic book! Clicking the POW! button on a Geek Week video will “comic-ify” the video.  For example, here is a video called What if Batman Drove a Nissan done regular style and POW! style!

Cool right?  So how does the POW! effect work for animated videos?  Take this video called COPS: Skyrim – Season 3 – Episode 1 for example.  The POW! effect makes this video cooler!

And if you want the ultimate POW! effect experience.  Turn on captions and the words will be exactly like what you see in a comic book!  This video called OUTLANDS – We Come to Destroy You is cool with the POW! effect!

Try the POW! effect on many YouTube Geek Week videos.  I am not sure how long the POW! effect will last, but it’s proving very popular already!


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