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Video Roundup: Man of Steel, Wolverine Claws, 275,000 Dominoes


This is Video Roundup!  My top 15 videos of the week!

How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended

Yep, this is great!

Haunted Shopping Cart Prank

Run away!

Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

There’s nothing wrong with this ad!

X-Men Wolverine Claws – Man At Arms

I want these!

Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter

I want to ride this!

Are We Ready For Aliens?

I hope not!

275,000 Dominoes – Enjoy Your Life

Very cool!

One Decision Child Safety Film

A must watch!

Norwegian Bachelor Party, Guy Tricked

This is so wrong!

Thrift Lab – UF Pathology

Great parody!

The Drive Thru Switch 

Funny prank!

Mark Malkoff: Carried Like A Baby

This is funny!

Dog Tries To Stomp Out Shadow

Cute dog!

Corgi Dexter’s First Pool

Dog loves the water!

The Rescue

Awesome video!

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