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Roadscapes Wednesday: Birmingham Slotted Freeway Signs


This week on Roadscapes Wednesday I am going to share some interesting sign pictures from the Birmingham Metro.  In the 1990’s, ALDOT decided to experiment with a new type of freeway signage that you put over the roadway.  These signs were slotted and then all the shields, words, symbols, and the border line, were screwed into place on the sign.  The signage almost looks like it’s black, but it’s a dark green.

Here are some close-up shots of these signs.  You can see the slotted design and how everything is screwed on.

These types of signs are also found in Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile.  ALDOT is not installing these types of signs anymore.  But they will stay up until the day they are replaced.  One more sign, here is a classic sign along a ramp on I-20 / I-59.  Yep, everything is button copy!

And here is another sign that needs replacing.  Where did I-20 go?

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