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June 2013 Geek Alabama Update On Things


2013 has flown by really fast.  But I am still wondering what is going to happen with the Geek Alabama blog.  First off, I really want to thank a person I know who got the car fixed!  It took around a week to get the car fixed but everything is now running very well.  The problem before was the steering column moving around.  Now the steering column is steady and not moving around anymore.  I am still getting used to the way it steers because it’s different after a steering column is fixed.

Now on to the other stuff.  I am still going to need some money to move the Geek Alabama  blog forward.  Instead of $20,000, I would say it’s around $10,000 now.  The money would go toward the equipment and things I need to move this blog to the next level.  First, I am wanting to hire a company out of Birmingham to re-design this blog so it looks awesome!  Archer Creative has re-designed some other blogs and they look great!

Not only would Archer Creative re-design the blog, they would also design the book covers for the two books I am going to work on.  One book would feature some of the best photos I have taken since the blog started in August 2011.  The second book would feature Guy’s Cuisine recipes and my road drawings!

Someone I know has offered space in his server to host Geek Alabama when the re-design and move to happens.  And it needs to happen soon, because I got yet another advertising offer this week through e-mail.  I have several advertising deals and a paid product review deal waiting in the wings but I can’t take them because Geek Alabama is hosted through and they ban paid and sponsored posts.  So this MUST HAPPEN!

Next, there are two different possible deals where I could join a great organization and actually get paid!  First, Geek and Sundry is wanting vloggers and I decided to start the vlog series called The Southern Geek.  They are actually running a contest and I need some votes!  Only the top 30 will move on to the next round and if I could actually get on it would be a paid position!  So please watch the latest The Southern Geek vlog video and vote for me at:

Now for something else that could happen.  MTV Geek is looking for a blogger or two and I could be in the running for that as well.  This would be a paid position!  What I really need to move both of these awesome opportunities forward is some TV exposure.  Since the newspapers won’t touch me, the TV and radio stations will have to give me the exposure I need.  Yep, I have been on several Birmingham TV stations before!

So I will be sending this post off to the people I know at the TV stations.  Several people I have talked to this week have also said that I should do a weekly segment talking about some of the biggest geeky / nerdy stories of the week.  I really do think this is a great idea! This segment would do well on Birmingham TV shows like Talk of Alabama, Focus @ 4, Good Day Alabama, etc.  The geek and nerd culture has exploded and I think this is something that would do very well!  I hope one of the Birmingham TV stations will give me that chance!

The local TV station in NE Alabama, TV 24, could do something as well.  But, many people have told me to not volunteer my time at TV 24 anymore since they don’t pay me during the fall football season when the Pigskin Roundup show is done.  For the last three seasons I have volunteered my time at TV 24 and last season I saved the show from going down the drain because I was the only one posting scores and pictures online on Facebook and Twitter.  I will still do high school football this fall but I am wondering if I will still help out Pigskin Roundup?

I have some great show ideas that could work on TV 24 like a cooking show and a geek / nerd show.  But the heads of TV 24 so far have not talked to me.  You know who you are!  Geek Alabama has fans all across the country and the world and I really don’t want to bash the TV station.  So I hope someone from TV 24 will talk to me finally.

I am doing a lot of videos on Geek Alabama and I want to continue them!  But I need the money to purchase the new computer I need to process the videos faster.  Money is needed to purchase the new camera with microphones.  Lighting will also be needed.  Money is also needed to make the new set I need for cooking videos, interviews, and the eventual podcast show I am wanting to do.  Several people have already contacted me wanting to do interviews but I can’t do it with the equipment I have.  So if I want to move the Geek Alabama blog forward, I need some money.

As I look at the Indiegogo fundraiser I have set up, it’s still at $0.  So I don’t think any money is coming through that direction.  I really need some money to move the blog forward!  My relatives are the ones paying for my rent and bills right now since I have been unemployed for two years now!  And since I don’t think anyone is going to hire me now, the only way I can make a living in my opinion is through Geek Alabama.  If you want to continue seeing me do events.

Doing interviews.

Doing cooking videos.

Doing Roadscape videos.

And much more!  I am going to need the money I need to make it happen!  I just hope it happens soon.  I have got a lot of things I will be doing in the next five days including two trips to Birmingham.

And looking at my bank account, I could be going into negative territory.

If you know of something, e-mail me at

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