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Video Roundup: Last Cat On Earth, Obscene Gestures, Spinning Chocolate


It’s time for Video Roundup!  My top 11 videos of the week!

The Last Cat On Earth

Yes, there are dogs shooting guns.

April Fools On A School Bus

The driver’s prank was funny!

The Future Is Now Visual

Very cool!

Obscene Gestures From Around The World

Learn something here!

Convos With My 2 Year Old

Very funny!

Halo Theme – Lindsey Stirling

Very cool!

Coca-Cola Small World Machines

I like this video!

Spinning Chocolate Joy

This is cool!

DJ Play My Song – No, Leave Me Alone

Good song!

Inspector Gadget Theme By Shuki Levy

Great performance!

Ellen, Here’s My Talent


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