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Video Roundup: Broken Red Light, Photoshop Prank, Cody The Screaming Dog


It’s time for Video Roundup!  My top 11 videos of the week!

Mister Rogers Remixed B-Side

Great song!

Toronto Broken Red Light

This guy can direct traffic!

Don’t Let Me Down Played By A Kid

This is a great video!

Photoshop Live Street Retouch Prank

The people’s reactions were great!

Amazing Resonance Experiment

Very cool science stuff!

Link’s Shadow – The Legend of Zelda

I liked this video!

Surface Tension Droplets

Cool slow motion action!

Phonetic Description of Annoying Sounds Teenagers Make

Yep, he’s good!

Facebook – The Musical

We all love Facebook!

In A Car Park – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Good music!

Meet Cody The Screaming Dog

This dog can scream!

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