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Music Thursdays: Walk Off The Earth, George Barnett, Matt Mulholland


This week on Music Thursdays, I wanted to talk about three different bands and musicians that have come out with some interesting music videos!  Let’s start by talking about the band Walk Off The Earth with their version of the Madonna song “Material Girl.”  I really liked their version of this popular song and it did have a country/folk feel to it.  You will see a piggy bank and some puppets in this song!

While you are enjoying Walk Off The Earth, enjoy their other song titled “Red Hands.”  They found a really big guitar at a pawn shop and decided to use it for their song.  This video has over a million views!

This next performer named George Barnett played a variety of instruments like the guitar,  drums, piano, and much more to create his own version of the Daft Punk song “Get Lucky.”  I liked how he did this song!

This last performer named Matt Mulholland took the classic song “Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men and turned it into his own great song.  I think you are going to enjoy this song by a piano!

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