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Good News Fridays: Geek Alabama Intro Video / Steve Stephens Human Pinata


First off, I wanted to show off my brand new Geek Alabama Intro Video!  I spent around six hours last night putting this together.  YouTube will switch all channels to a new design soon.  And in the new design, all channels will have a spot for an intro video!  So I now première the intro video to the Geek Alabama readers, enjoy!

And now this; this morning Steve Stephens from 97.9 WVOK held another stunt!  He had help from the Oxford Fire Department and he was hooked up to a rope and was left swinging about 10 feet in the air!  He had balloons tied to him and people came up and used a bat with nails on it to pop the balloons.  Yes, it’s a Human Pinata!  Here are some photos and a video of the stunt.  This is something to make you smile on Friday!

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