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Geek Alabama’s Top Summer Movies 2013


Today is May 1st.  That means the 2013 Summer movie season is here!  This Summer, there are some awesome movies coming out!  Of course there are several superhero movies coming out.  There are some great animated movies coming out.  And there are some sequels to some very popular movie franchises.  So here is Geek Alabama’s list of the top 11 movies you need to see this Summer!

Iron Man 3 – May 3rd

The third installment of the Iron Man franchise is already getting great praise.  After seeing Iron Man in The Avengers Movie.  Tony Stark is going to have his work cut out for him!

Star Trek Into Darkness – May 17th

The first Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams was a huge hit.  No doubt the second Star Trek movie is going to rock!

Man of Steel – June 14th

It’s been a few years since the last Superman movie.  Critics are already praising actor Henry Cavill as being a great Clark Kent and Superman.

The Hangover 3 – May 24th 

The Hangover franchise has been very popular.  No doubt, many people will want to see the final installment of this series.

Despicable Me 2 – July 3rd

The first Despicable Me did very well at the box office and on TV.  Many people love the minions and I am sure many will flock to see them again!

Monsters University – June 21st

It has been 12 years since Monsters Inc. came out.  Pixar movies always does well during the Summer time.  Monsters University will be no exception!  But where is Incredibles 2?

The Lone Ranger – July 3rd

One movie genre lacking in recent years is the western.  Disney will do very well with  Armie Hammer being The Lone Ranger and Johhny Depp being Tonto.

The Great Gatsby – May 10th

Many critics are praising this movie.  This movie is based off the book and takes place in the 1920’s.  Many people will go see this movie.

After Earth – May 31st

After Earth stars Will Smith and is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith also stars in this movie!

The Wolverine – July 26th

The X-Men movies have always done well.  And having Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine will sell a lot of tickets.

R.I.P.D. – July 19th

Someone tipped me off to this movie and after I saw the trailer, I edited this post to the top 11 movies!  I think this movie will be a surprise hit!

I know some of you will say why World War Z was not mentioned.  I really don’t think the movie will do well.  Sure, it’s a zombie movie and zombies are hot right now.  But when there’s production trouble and articles coming out saying around 40 minutes had to be re-shot because the ending was Disastrous, it makes me wonder if the movie will do well.

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