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Sunday Discussion: Toomer’s Corner Last Roll


On Saturday, many Auburn fans came out to watch the A-Day game; then they took in one last chance to roll Toomer’s Corner.  Since the 1950’s, anytime something good happens for Auburn, you would often see toilet paper hanging from the two Southern Live Oak trees.

As you should remember, in 2011 Harvey Updyke called into the Paul Finebaum Radio Show and claimed he poisoned the two trees with Spike 80DF.  He poisoned the trees in retaliation for photos that he claimed to have seen in the Birmingham News that depicted Auburn fans rolling Toomer’s Corner after announcement of former University of Alabama head-coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s death in 1983 as well as pictures of Auburn’s Cam Newton #2 Under Armour t-shirt taped to Bryant’s statue earlier in the 2010 season.  But let’s be honest, the poisoning was really done because Harvey was jealous Auburn won a national championship.  Soon after the poisoning was confirmed, I went down to Auburn to take some photos of the Toomer’s trees.

Since Auburn won its BCS National Championship in 2010, several Alabama fans have claimed Auburn paid quarterback Cam Newton to play for Auburn.  The NCAA has already investigated and ruled that Auburn did not break any rules.  But that does not stop some Alabama fans from being angry.  Just a few weeks ago, another report came out saying some players from Auburn were taking illegal drugs.  Some people will do anything to see Auburn punished for winning a BCS National Championship fair and square!

A record 83,401 watched the Orange team defeat the Blue squad 35-14 at Jordan-Hare Stadium at the A-Day game.  It was Gus Malzahn’s first spring game since he was hired to coach the Tigers.  Many fans then went out to celebrate an Auburn tradition many people have grown up with!  Sadly, the trees will be cut down on Tuesday at 7 am.  But during the celebration, Auburn officials reveled the new plans for Toomer’s Corner.  Two new oak trees will be planted along a arcing path design in 2014.  The new design will place trees farther back from the intersection; maintain the existing and historic character of the corner; retain the 1917 gates in their current positions; add more seating and shaded areas; and include the planting of additional trees along a curved walkway through Samford Park.  Here’s a drawing from Auburn’s website.

Many fans celebrated the life of the original two Toomer’s oak trees on Saturday.  Sure, some people wonders why Auburn fans throws toilet paper onto trees.  It’s because of tradition!  Auburn fans love throwing toilet paper onto trees!  For the 2013 season, a system of wires crossing the street will replace the trees as a temporary solution for post game celebrations in a tribute to the old days.  I hope I get a chance to attend an Auburn home game in the upcoming season.  Gus Malzahn already promises to be a good coach, and I hope I can roll Toomer’s Corner!  This is in the hearts of the Auburn Nation, we are family!  Here are some pictures of the final roll from Toomer’s Corner on Saturday I found on social media.


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