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GeekDad and GeekMom’s Huge, Humongous, Adventure


These are two blogs I have followed for a long time now!  Geek Dad and Geek Mom are both published by Ken Denmead.  And over the last week, both blogs have moved on to a great, big, new adventure!  Geek Dad and Geek Mom were both part of the family.  And now both blogs have moved on and are now on their own websites and servers.  Which means they are no longer affiliated with Wired.  By the way, Wired is still an awesome magazine!

Both blogs have also taken on new logos and a brand new website look.  I really do like the whole, retro feel on both websites!

The same Editors and Contributors are still writing on Geek Dad and Geek Mom.  And both blogs will still bring you the best geekiest news, projects, humor, and great personal stories.  Being on their own servers, both blogs will soon expand their content offerings and even bring in new writers.  This is some great times for both Geek Dad and Geek Mom.

Yes, these changes over at Geek Dad and Geek Mom are great!  But soon there will be some great changes over here on Geek Alabama as well!  I will have all the information on the Sunday Discussion post this weekend!  Come back to read that!

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