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Sunday Discussion: Needing Help / Reality TV Show Coming Soon?


It has been a good week on the blog!  Some of the most viewed topics included the local cable company, making muffins, brewery expansions, and a pony princess.  Click on the links below to view these posts!

First off; please watch this video I made!

Please help by donating here:

Yes; sadly I am now asking for donations.  I hate it has gotten to the point in my life but what can I do?  I have filled out around 250 job applications and only had two interviews.  I have also attended 14 job fairs; don’t believe me, look at the map below!

I just wished someone would hire me!  Sitting here at the apartment bored to death sucks!  Since I am super low on money; I have had to turn down invites to local events.  This is something I wished I would never have to do.  But I really have no choice.  I even walked through downtown Anniston wearing signs that said “looking for work.”

I am trying very hard in finding a job!  But when I see a comment like this; it disturbs me!

But there are a whole lot of people in this country that need to be slapped back into the “real world” about what a job is, what a good living is, and about the amount of pay they “deserve” for their efforts, and the first group that needs to be addressed about this….. is government workers, at all levels. Argue that anyway you want to, but that is a fact.

Many people suggest that you do what you love!  And guess what; the Geek Alabama blog is something I love to do!  I love the feeling that I help out other people who deserves the press.  I do the blog to take video, take pictures, and talk about the great things in the NE Alabama / NW Georgia community.  It’s not just limited to the local community, I also talk about and cover things in the Atlanta and Birmingham metros.  And I also like to talk about some national topics!

Lately with no income, I can not cover some of the events people asks me to do!  I had to miss some great things like Food Blog South, and the ABC 33/40 Storm Alert Tour.  With Spring coming, the events are going to pick up!  And without an income, I will be covering nothing sadly.  Things even get more complicated when my mom thinks I lie all the time, and my younger brother is severely overweight and struggling, and some of my stepbrothers are smoking weed.  Lovely isn’t!

I am wanting to take the Geek Alabama blog to the next level.  I am wanting to hire someone to design a brand new website.  But all of this costs money!  I estimate it would cost around $1000 to design and move everything.  Here is a rough idea on how I want the website to look like.

I also want the Geek Alabama blog to be the home to great interviews, product reviews, TV and movie reviews, coverage of local and national events, and much more!  I would love to have the exclusive scoop of that event, or what is coming up on that TV show or movie.  You get the idea!  I want to prove to people that having Asperger’s Syndrome does not limit you to life!  But all of this costs money.  I guess I will show you my current bank account as of February 25th.

The only way the Geek Alabama blog would make good money is by getting thousands and thousands of views a day!  Most of the time; this is done by appearing on national TV.  Yes, I have been on local TV a couple of times.  But this only brings a small audience.

I really need your help folks!  If this reality TV show idea does not start.  I will still be on that hunt for my latest job!  If you have an idea e-mail me at:  And please help by donating here:

On to some possible good news!

A few weeks ago; I was contacted by Danny Passman who is the president of Crybaby Media.  Fast fact about Danny; he was a development executive at VH1 and fuse.  And he was a assistant to Fran Drescher on the last two seasons of The Nanny.  Danny liked what he saw on the Geek Alabama blog.  And he was interested to see what we could do on the TV front.  And I am glad he did contact me!

The geek/nerd culture in America has exploded in the last 10 years!  Before the 2000’s decade; many people viewed the geek or nerd as an outsider who did not fit in to society.  First, better technology like the internet, smart phones, faster computers, and better video games began the transformation.  Next; popular movies like Spider Man, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and other geeky movies began to change the views of the geek and nerd.  Then the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory got started!  This was a game changer to the geek world!  Today, with the addition of more TV shows, movies, and technology; most of society views the geek and nerd as a godsend!

These days; many reality shows are junk in my opinion.  Sure, some shows like Duck Dynasty are great to watch!  But why would you watch shows like Jersey Shore, Buckwild, or any shows on MTV?  One thing missing from the reality TV show world is the showing of geeks and nerds.  Yes, TBS just started the show King of the Nerds and it’s awesome to watch!

Reality TV shows needs originality and character.  The originality would be featuring different places and things on each episode.  The characters would be the host and all the guests put on camera!   I envision the show to be a cross of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy

And even a little bit of How It’s Made.

So how can a show focusing on the geek/nerd culture work?  A show would have to go to the heart where geeks and nerds loves to hang out!  Each episode would show the host (me) going to a different geeky hangout in this country.  And yes, there are a lot of them!  This show would not be all about going to conventions.  There are plenty of other great activities that geeks and nerds love to do!  The show could visit people meetups, comic shops, interesting businesses, outdoor festivals, etc.  I think a show would do a better job showing off some of the smaller events for the geeks and nerds.  But yes, the show would need to go to bigger events like Comic-Con in San Diego.

Most of these events listed below are in the Southeast / Mid-Atlantic region.  But the show would need to fan the country to highlight some of the smaller and bigger events geeks and nerds love to hang out!

So I have come up with 16 episode possibilities of places that could be covered.

(all events happen after April 1st)

Episode 1: Running Run For Your Lives

This is a 5K race with obstacles.  The runner wears flags and encounters zombies throughout the course!

Episode 2: Attending Alabama Phoenix Festival

Sometimes the smaller conventions can bring lots of new ideas and fun!

Episode 3: Attending Paddlin’ For Paws Fun-Raiser / Cardboard Boat Races

Geeks and nerds love to build stuff.  Why not build a cardboard boat?

Episode 4: Attending Dragon Con In Atlanta

This is the biggest convention really close to where I live.

Episode 5: Attend Georgia Renaissance Festival

Yes, there is a festival where everyone dresses up like in the olde world.

Episode 6: Attend Lego KidsFest

Many geeks and nerds love to use Lego’s.

Episode 7: Attending Noble Street Festival

Lots of geeks and nerds loves to take part in sporting events!

Episode 8: Attending California Extreme

This convention is a classic arcade games show.

Episode 9: Attending Otakon

One of the biggest anime conventions!

Episode 10: Attending Brony-Con

Yes; there is a convention for people who love My Little Pony!

Episode 11: Go Storm Chasing

You be amazed in the amount of geeks who loves following weather!

Episode 12: Attending a Talladega Superspeedway Race

Lots of geeks love their cars!

Episode 13: Attending Heroes Convention Charlotte

One of the biggest comic book conventions in the country!

Episode 14: Attending Magfest

One of the best gaming conventions in the country!

Episode 15: Going Ghost Hunting

Yes, there are groups that chase ghosts!

Episode 16: Running The Color Run

We all get to look like rainbows!

I envision a show where the host introduces the viewers to where they are at.  The camera guys then show some of the best props, costumes, guests, and other stuff!  Then the host would interview some of the guests; I would envision something like this!

Then the host would get deep at the event they are at.  They would ask some questions to the celebrities and guests.  And yes, they would take part in some of the events!  So; could I survive wearing a superhero costume?

Or driving a racecar?

Or survive on a cardboard boat?

Or beat the best video game player?

Or could I survive an eating contest? (done already!)

And yes; I can dream as well!  If the show does well and connects to the viewers, could I end up on a show like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?  That is the show I would love to be a guest on!  I envision the show being around 30 minutes for each episode and airing on networks such as Sy Fy, Science Channel, and maybe even Discovery Channel or A&E.  the possibilities are endless!

Let’s hope this dream comes true real soon!  I think this could be the big break I need to be a major fixture in the technology world!  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

And please help me by donating to the Geek Alabama fund at:

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