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Roadscapes Wednesday: Blocking Interstates In California


These two stories out of California have kept the California Highway Patrol very busy!  These people did something you should never do!  In both videos below; A group of stunt drivers and motorcycle riders blocked an Interstate to perform a crazy stunt!  You should never attempt to block an Interstate to do a stunt.  The first video features a group of stunt drivers performing sideshow stunts on Interstate 880 in Oakland, CA. They had several people holding cameras to record the cars skidding and doing donuts across all lanes.

This other video shows more than 300 motorcycle riders blocking Interstate 10 in West Covina, CA.  They did this so one biker could propose to his girlfriend on the pavement.  Although this was a nice gesture and I liked the pink smoke, they should have not done this!

The California Highway Patrol is investigating both incidents and they say people can face criminal charges if they are caught.  Let this be a lesson to anyone who is thinking about pulling a stunt like this.  NEVER block a busy highway or Interstate!


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