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Good News Fridays: Owen Groesser 3-Pointers


This is a new segment starting on Geek Alabama on Fridays!  Sometimes we have had a rough and bad week.  And we can use some good news.  Good News Fridays is about something good that happened in the last week.  And for the first edition, I want to talk about Owen Groesser.  This kid has down syndrome and he made two 3-pointers in the final game in the season.

Someone got the idea to get Groesser on SportsCenter.  The Twitter hashtag #GetOwenOnSportsCenter was started and it spread as many people re-tweeted and used the hashtag wanting to see Groesser on ESPN.  The campaign was a huge success, as Groesser’s exploits were featured on SportsCenter‘s Top-10 highlights Wednesday night!  As Scott Van Pelt said, “Sometimes Twitter is awesome, like tonight.”  But it did not end there!

Owen Groesser appeared for a live interview on SportsCenter on the next day.  For sure, this is something Owen Groesser will remember for the rest of his life, congrats!

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