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Product Reviews: Hickory Farms Meats and Cheeses


I was surprised when I got a key in my apartment mailbox for a bigger package.  So I opened the mail locker and I got two packages from Dial Global.  I never ordered anything so I surprised that I got something.  When I opened the packages they were stuff from Hickory Farms.  I entered a free contest online from the John Tesh Radio Show to win a Hickory Farms gift basket.  And I won!

One of the two packages I got was Peppermint Snow Mint Cookies.  The box came with 18 cookies that were dipped in either white or dark chocolate.  The best part is every cookie was topped with peppermint candy cane pieces!

Yes, these cookies were very yummy!  Each cookie had a good coating of chocolate and plenty of peppermint pieces.  But this was just the starter, I also got this!

I got a Hickory Farms ultimate gift basket.  Basically I got samples of many of the products Hickory Farms carries.  This basket contained multiple sausages, many types of cheeses, several types of mustard’s, and several types of nuts.  It was basically the entire product lineup from Hickory Farms in one box.  First up are the sausages.

The Beef and Turkey Summer Sausage were very tasty.  These sausages are much different than the sausages you would see on biscuits.  The sausages had a smoky flavor and a great blend of spices.  I am still enjoying the sausages even right now.  The cheeses in this gift box were awesome!

The Creamy Swiss Blend was very creamy!  A very interesting Swiss cheese.

The Smoked Cheddar Blend was smokey.  In fact you could smell the smoke flavor as soon as I opened the package.

The Smoked Gouda Blend was also smokey and had a nutty taste.

The Hickory Farms Farmhouse Cheddar was a very sharp cheese but had a great taste!

I also enjoyed the Hickory Farms Nut Mixes and the Sweet Hot and Cranberry Mustard’s were good as well.  I have enjoyed the sausages as a snack or as part of my breakfast.  The cheeses were awesome on the burgers I made as well!

I would recommend you try some of the cheeses, sausages, and other products from Hickory Farms.  You will not regret it!  Thank you John Tesh and Hickory Farms for the free stuff!  To learn more about Hickory Farms go to:

Note:  I received these products for free because I won a contest.  I did not get paid to review these products.  All of the opinions are from Nathan Young.

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