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My Goodbye Letter to 2012



Dear 2012:

You were not quite as bad as the year 2011.  But you still sucked!  I went through the entire year of 2012 without a job.  I filled out over 100 job applications and went to 14 job fairs in 2012.  But I felted like I was a person who was not even present.  Many people treated me like a person who did not even exist!  The only thing that kept me going in 2012 was the Geek Alabama blog.  2012 was also a very bad year for the disabled community.  Some people like the media had to criticize people with Autism and Asperger’s.  People with disabilities are not second class citizens!   Sadly I was not alone who was struggling in 2012.  People needs to quit fighting each other and start helping each other!

2012, you were a tough year for America.  The year had multiple mass shootings across the country that harmed many people and has jump-started the gun control debate.  2012 also had the Penn State Scandal.  I feel bad for those kids who will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.  2012 was also a big year for standing up to your beliefs!  One big example was the Chick-fil-A controversy.  People who believed or did not believe in same-sex marriage stood up and expressed their beliefs!

2012, you took away some very famous people such as Whitney Houston, Andy Griffith, Dick Clark, Neil Armstrong, and many more people!  These people who we lost brought lasting and memorable change in this world.  2012, you also brought the world a couple of weird things.  You brought us Honey Boo Boo Child to the world.  People are either in love with this girl or they despise how her parents are raising her.  I am in the camp who thinks her parents are not raising her right.  You also brought us Gangnam Style.  This video has been viewed over a billion times on YouTube.   And many people will have the horse dance  entrenched in their heads for the rest of their lives!

2012, you were a tough year in the business community.  Most businesses had to lay off people and cut back because of the bad economy.  And don’t believe seeing the unemployment rate going down.  This is mostly due to people who have given up finding a job because they are often ignored.  Government was not very kind to people in 2012.  Congress kept on fighting each other and could not agree on anything.  And many people in government got involved in horrible scandals.  I’m looking at you David Petraeus!  But the good thing is many people stood up to big government during the SOPA / PIPA Protest.  This is proof that people can stand up to big government!

2012 had a couple of good things like the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The Olympics brings together the entire world to watch the best compete in athletic events.  And yes, I was glad to see the Americans win the most medals!  2012, although you made many people suffer in your year.  Many people stepped up and helped their fellow neighbor in need.  After major disasters people donated money, supplies, and time to get the people help they needed.  When people fell down on their luck; other people gave them hope.  2012; you have made people to inspire and work harder to make 2013 a great year.  Just like the epic Felix Baumgartner Jump from Space, let’s hope 2013 will inspire people to do better!

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