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17 Days Left Until Christmas 2012


17 Days Left Until Christmas

At the North Pole:

We are getting close to Christmas.  And that means Santa’s sleigh is now being worked on.  The sleigh Santa uses each Christmas is very high-tech.  It has a computer system to monitor weather and to make sure each house gets its presents.  It has a satellite radio system to keep in touch with the North Pole and other countries.  And yes, it has the magical sack that holds all the toys!  Right now the sleigh is being serviced by elves who know their technology!

Christmas Song:

This is the weirdest Christmas song you hear each year.  The song I Am Santa Claus was released by Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio in November 1993.  Sure the song is a parody of  Iron Man by Black Sabbath.  But this is one of my Christmas favorites!

Adult Gift Idea:

Everyone likes to save money.  So get this device that will tell you which devices use the most electricity.   The Kill-A-Watt measures power consumption and even forecasts your electric bill accurately each month.  Find at

Child Gift Idea:

Now you can control a robot with your iPhone or Android phone.  The Desk Pet Tankbot is designed to go over the biggest obstacles on your desk.  You know kids would have a great time playing with this!  Find at

Christmas Charity:

Operation Hug Me Tight was founded in January 2012 after a devastating Alabama tornado tore through the Birmingham metro.  Operation Hug Me Tight has lovingly provided brand new Teddy Bears to hundreds of displaced children in need of emotional support.   Whatever the circumstance, it is OHMT’s hope to help young children cope with the fear, confusion and sadness of suddenly losing their sense of “home.”

Right now this charity is collecting Teddy Bears to send to children affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York.  Go to to donate!

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