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21 Days Left Until Christmas 2012


21 Days Left Until Christmas

At the North Pole:

So how do the residents eat up at the North Pole?  One they have the Christmas Grocery Store.  It’s like the grocery store you go to all the time.  They can get anything they need to make meals at home!  And since they are at the North Pole, they don’t waste electricity on the freezers.  They use snow to keep the cold food cold!  And they also have a big restaurant as well.  The North Pole Restaurant is a buffet style restaurant where you can enjoy anything you want!

Christmas Song:

You know the lyrics!  Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose.  The Christmas Song was written by musician, composer, and vocalist Mel Tormé and Bob Wells.  Nat King Cole first recorded this song in 1946 and the rest is history.  This is one of the most popular Christmas songs on the list!

Adult Gift Idea:

How about one interesting Christmas decoration.  You can now have a Christmas wreath in the 8-bit style.  And yes it even lights up!  Perfect for geeks and nerds.  Find at

Child Gift Idea:

Kids will become popular in school with this!  You can now have a R2-D2 Star Wars lunch bag.  And this lunch bag also lights up and makes sounds like you see in the movie!  Find at

Christmas Charity:

Since social media is huge today, here is a charity that involves social media to make sure kids have toys for Christmas.  Operation: Social Santa was founded in October, 2010 by Temple University student and social entrepreneur, Harrison Kratz. After some rapid planning, Tweet Drive was held in 24 cities and collected about 2,000 toys in its first holiday campaign.

Learn more about Operation: Social Santa at:

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