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27 Days Left Until Christmas 2012


27 Days Left Until Christmas

At the North Pole:

At the North Pole Village; they must have a network of roads to connect to the houses, businesses, and the toy making plant.  Up there they don’t use asphalt because they have too much snow.  They actually use the snow as the pavement.  They compact the snow so it is like asphalt.  And to repair the pavement they just use more snow.  It’s a easy and cheap way to have roads!

Christmas Song:

Here is a Christmas song you expect to hear each year.  Brenda Lee recorded Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree when she was only 13 years old!  When she recorded the song in 1958 she did not expect this song would be one of the most popular Christmas songs ever.  You know you have a popular song when it was used in the 1990 movie Home Alone.

Adult Gift Idea:

Do you have someone who keeps forgetting to do something.  Why not get these Wrist Watch Post-It Notes.  Write anything and then they go around your wrists like a watch.  Find at

Child Gift Idea:

Who remembers the Hot Wheels tracks.  Now they have made it where you can have Hot Wheels tracks from the wall to the floor.  Boys will love this!  Find at

Christmas Charity:

Make-A-Wish has been around since 1980 and their mission makes kids smile all the time!  They grants wishes to kids facing life-threatening medical conditions.  Kids get to do a variety of great things like meeting famous people, be something for a day, go on a great trip, and other amazing things!  Go to to learn more information and to donate!

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