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Roadscapes Wednesday: Summerville Georgia


When I covered an event up at Summerville Georgia last summer I took some photos of the area road scenes.  Downtown Summerville sees U.S. 27 / GA Route 1 as a 5-lane highway.  Also; Georgia has several state routes that end at downtown.  GA Route 114, GA Route 100, and GA Route 48 all end at U.S. 27 / GA Route 1.  Downtown features small businesses and a wide road!  But Georgia does need to repaint the road lines!

The U.S. 27 and Georgia Route 48 intersection is very confusing and it needs the paint lines repainted.  I also think this intersection needs a traffic light!

Where are the turn paint lines?

Here is the intersection of U.S. 27 and GA Route 100 / GA Route 114.  The Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway crosses here and the traffic light needs re-timed.  The amount of green light time on U.S. 27 is not enough and it needs to be longer!  This traffic backup also affects the GA Route 48 intersection as people can’t get out!

Oh Oh!  Here comes a Wide Load truck!  This truck that was towing a portable building was too tall for the traffic lights!  Georgia needs to raise these traffic lights!  I call this traffic light murder!

If you go down GA Route 114 you will see the Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway which is now out of service.  What a sad and lonely railroad crossing sign.

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