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Some Great Weather Images



UPDATE:  Check out the new Wheaties box with ABC 33/40 meteorologist James Spann gracing the cover!  (Come on, you know it’s doctored but it’s funny!)

Another thing I really like to do is follow the weather!  I am always amazed with what weather can do.  In Alabama you can see just about any type of weather.  If you are amazed by thunderstorms, high winds, large hail, lightning, high heat, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, bitter cold, snowstorms, and icestorms.  You will love seeing the weather in Alabama.  I will use social media to warn people about severe weather when it occurs.  And I also like using my camera to take photos of various weather scenes in the area.

This picture shows heavy lightning in the background.

Here are some pictures of a shelf cloud and the storms moving in.

And my favorites are sunset/sunrise pictures.  People really love these!

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