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TV Review: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo


The newest show on TLC (Formally called The Learning Channel) brings the spotlight on what people call “rednecks.”  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo features the family of 6 year-old Alana Thompson from that other crazy show Toddlers & Tiaras.  Alana’s family includes her mother Mama June, pregnant teenager Chickadee, Pumpkin, Chubbs, and the baby daddy Sugar Bear.  Yeah this sounds like your typical trashy reality show.  The show is set from the Thompson’s home in Georgia.  Their home is literary right next to a train track.  The trains look like they are about to crash into the house.  But this show just gets much worse.

We see the family live in a small and tight house so what does Mama June do to wash her hair.  Yep; she goes to the kitchen sink to do some hair washing.  This is just the beginning of the redneck stuff.  The family is very competitive in the little girl pageants and they really want Alana to win and when she does not win a prize; she goes into her best crying impressions.  What a sore loser!  They also want to make Alana look as pretty as possible.  Just look at this photo from her appearance on CNN.  Wow she looks like someone who would like to take advantage of you.  And she does not look pretty at all.

From CNN.

The first two episodes showed what life as a “redneck” is like but in overdrive.  The family goes down to the Redneck Games which is the southern version of the Olympics.  Pumpkin goes bobbin for pig’s feet while Chubbs went mud belly flop diving.  While at the games the kids want to swim in the river but the mother is worried the kids will pick up the flesh-eating bacteria.  So Alana does something I would never allow my kids to do.  She says “I hope y’all are getting that flesh-eating disease!  I’ll laugh!” to the swimmers in the river.  This 6 year-old kid knows how to say insults very early!  Back at the home Mama June really knows how to feed the kids right.  Apparently cheese-balls is the breakfast of champions in this family.  And we got to learn a great tip to losing weight; Chubbs wants to use her mother’s technique and she says: “My mother has told me in the past that if you fart 12 to 15 times a day, you can lose a lot of weight.”  Wow!  Thanks for the awesome weight-loss tip; I guess I have some farting to do.

The second episode showed Alana being sad from her last pageant loss.  So what does Sugar Bear do to cheer up her daughter.  He brings home a pet pig with painted nails!  Alana loves the pig and says “We’re gonna make you a pageant gay pig!”  The pig squealing was probably saying “get me out of this crazy family!”  The family does take care of the pig well but why would you take the pig outside when the etiquette expert from Atlanta comes to the house.  That expert might as well turn around and leave now!  She probably only came down to try to teach some lessons to the girls so she can be on TV.  Another thought is why are we glamorizing a teenager being pregnant.  We see the family go to an ultrasound clinic in Macon and the baby in the ultrasound looked great.  Then we see Alana try the ultrasound out to try to see food inside her stomach.  And we also see Mama June do her best impression describing a women’s vagina.  When describing female genitalia during her daughter’s ultrasound, Mama June equates anatomy to food. Because if a biscuit is “cooked right,” like those “from Hardee’s or something,” it looks like a vulva.

This show brings a horrible light to people in the south in my opinion.  We saw lots of rude interruptions, farts, rude comments, language, and cheap laughs.  The premiere of the show drew lots of comments on social media and mixed reaction.  The ratings were also high for the premiere.  I will not be watching any more episodes but if the ratings stay high I wonder if the end of society is near.  Maybe the Mayans were right saying the world ends in December 2012.  I also feel like Alana Thompson is being robbed and abused of her childhood.  Making her compete in these useless pageants so her mother can probably earn lots of money is wrong.  Her mother gives Alana a blend of Mountain Dew and Red Bull called “go-go juice” and she has to practice all the time to be ready.  Why not quit this nonsense pageant mess and give her daughter a proper childhood.  As you see in the show Mama June is really setting an example for her children when she has a pregnant teenager as well.  Where is DHR when you need them?

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