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Animation Monday: Where’s Perry? Part 1


On July 27th Disney Channel premiered the 2 part Phineas and Ferb special called Where’s Perry?  I thought the episode was very good and I am going to talk about it in detail so if you have not seen it SPOILER ALERT!

The Flynn-Fletchers and several friends are going to Africa on a safari.  Perry was going to go along with the family but the O.W.C.A calls Perry telling him he needs to stay behind because of Dr. Doof activity.  So Perry fakes being sick and this makes Phineas and Ferb sad.  Candace was waiting at the airport for Jeremy to come and tell her something very important but she had to board the plane.  By the way that flight attendant with the bullhorn was rude!  On the flight Isabella meets a flight attendant who was a former Fireside Girl.  And Candace freaks out and panics because she can’t use her phone for 18 hours!  This is the ultimate nightmare for teenage girls!  Once the plane lands at the airport Candace and another teenage girl are in shock because they could not use their phones.  This gave me a laugh.  The family and friends meet Ignatius Ukareamü (a very nice guy) who was Lawrence’s college friend and the family is staying at his research station.  Then we see Perry go to Dr. Doof where I felt this part of the episode was sped up big time!

I felt like this part of the episode was a bit rushed maybe for saving time.  We see Dr. Doof trap Perry and use the Fitness Equipment Lock-inator.  After making everyone fat, he would run to city hall and take over.  But this inator doesn’t last long when Dr. Doof pushes the self-destruct button himself!  Perry leaves but it is a cover up so Dr. Doof can use the Ultimate-evil-inator!  He wants to hit Major Monogram while he is sun tanning on top of the O.W.C.A. roof but a mirror deflects the beam hitting Carl the Intern instead.  The family arrives at the research station and of course Phineas sees a tent with a bunch of scrap metal, parts, and power tools left-over from building the station.  Phineas saying to Iggy “you had me at scrap” heads right over there.  And Candace tries to find a phone but the cell towers are down.  The family heads out on a safari after refueling the truck where we have a song and see a lot of animals.  We also have a couple of references from The Lion King; like Isabella dancing around with butterflies.  And seeing Phineas and Ferb acting like a cheetah sleeping in a tree.

They arrive at the uncharted gorge, which is its name in English as well.  Iggy states the only way to get down was to have a “highly unconventional vehicle”.  This is where  Phineas and Ferb gets the idea to build the unconventional vehicle while Lawrence and Linda gets ready for their dinner reservation.  Back in Danville Dr. Doof arrives at the O.W.C.A. headquarters where he thinks Major Monogram is now evil.  But they will find out that Carl the Intern is now evil and is planning to take over the tri-state area while the two guys are trapped.  By the way whose skull was Carl the Intern carressing?

After the break; we see Isabella with the Adumu (the people who jump up and down) while Phineas and Ferb are drawing up plans for their highly unconventional vehicle.  This vehicle is going to use the traits of many animals to make this vehicle work.  This vehicle is something I would love to drive!  Back in Danville Betty Jo and Clyde are taking care of Perry who is faking being sick.  Then we see Perry pull out a photo of Phineas and Ferb and his expression is he is missing them.  He really does care for the boys even though he is a secret agent.  That was a great scene!

At the O.W.C.A. headquarters Major Monogram and Dr. Doof are in a holding cell with a milkshake machine.  I would not mind being put in that holding cell at all.  Then we see Carl get very weird and quick!  Carl sings the song “Evil for Extra Credit” and Carl does some very weird dancing!  Plus the clothing Carl wears has that evil look as well.  Let’s hope we never see Carl like that again!

Major Monogram uses the extra straws from the milkshake machine to contact Agent P.  And while he is talking about his plans he gets cut off!  (that is just cruel)  Lawrence and Linda arrives at the restaurant on top of a large hill for dinner while Candace is freaking out because she can’t find a phone.  But she finds a large radio telephone from Her Royal Majesty’s and drags it to a top of a tree.  Carl the Intern uses Dr. Doof as an intern and Agent P arrives but he gets trapped while Carl is slow-clapping.  Then Carl uses the O.W.C.A. supercomputer to take over the tri-state area and bring the citizens to their knees.  Some of Carl’s evil plans includes stopping the power stations and de-synchronizing the traffic lights.  Dr. Doof accidentally pushes the release button to release Agent P from his trap.  Then we see Carl use the Flynn-Fletcher robots he built but they are evil!  Those red eyes should freak anyone out!

Phineas then does this weird singing fanfare into the gorge to hear an echo I guess.  Candace reaches Jeremy but the signal is very weak; and the robots are going after Agent P but he locks the super computer so Carl the Intern can’t use it.  Then we see several plot story-lines stop that will keep us all wondering.  Candace’s phone is very weak and Jeremy’s signal is breaking up.  Then we see the expression all teenage girls dread having; the possible breakup!  In faint and cutting phrases, she hears “Candace… I thought… we should… break… up.”  And this freaks Candace out!  Then we see Buford break a lever on the vehicle and it causes the vehicle to plummet into the gorge, with the five friends falling… possibly to their “instant death.”  Then we see all of Dr. Doof’s inators turn on and Agent P is zapped and disappears!  Then we see Lawrence and Linda find out that they have no reservation and they gasp in horror.  “to be continued!”

So we will all have to wait until August 24th for part 2 of the Where’s Perry special to premiere.  And I have a feeling it’s going to be worth the wait!  For now I will get my thrill by watching the 2012 London Olympics!  Since just about every other show on TV is on hiatus because of the games.  Oh wait; there’s Big Brother!

All images copyright from Disney.

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