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Animation Monday: Penn State, Theater Shooting Cartoons


I like doing this after we have had several major news stories in the country.  The first set of political cartoons is from the Penn State scandal that has dominated the news.  The NCAA announced the sanctions on Penn State and they are harsh!  Penn State has to pay a $60 million dollar fine, 4-year bowl ban, 5 years of probation, loss of many scholarships, and the loss of over 100 wins on Joe Paterno’s record.  This is going to hit Penn State really hard but they deserve it after what happened to those kids.  And the political cartoons have had a lot to say about this matter.



Do you remember this cartoon showing Coach Bear Bryant welcoming Joe Paterno in Heaven?  Well an update to the cartoon has come out.



Here are some political cartoons from the Aurora, CO theater shootings.  These are very touching.  And this new picture of James Holmes appearing in court with that red hair just make you sick.



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