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Real-Life Horror: The Colorado Theatre Shootings



For my review on The Dark Knight Movie click on the link.

When I got up this morning and turned on the news it was non-stop with the coverage about the shootings that happened at the Central 16 cineplex in Aurora, Colorado.  Many people attended the sold out screenings of the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.  And the shooter scumbag now named James Holmes was part of the crowd attending the midnight screening.  He pretended to take a phone call and went out the emergency exit.  Soon after he came back inside armed in SWAT tactical gear, wearing a gas mask, and armed with numerous guns including an AR-15 rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and two .40-caliber handguns.   He threw in some gas canisters and then began shooting.

The shooter James Holmes.

James Holmes in his first court appearance.

We have now heard the stories from the people inside theater number 9 on how they survived.  Some pretended to play dead to fool the shooter, some had no idea he was the shooter and was shot, others tried to help the victims who were shot but left in fear for their own lives, and people described the victims who were lifeless on the floor while leaving the theater.  All of this while The Dark Knight Rises Movie was playing inside the theater.  It was a very scary experience for those people inside that dark theater.  And all you can do right now is pray for the victims.  This cell phone video from the scene was just chilling.

One of the victims that was killed was Jessica Redfield.  This person was involved in another shooting at the Eaton Center in Toronto, Canada where she got away unharmed.  She had a great future being a sportswriter but around a month later she was shot and killed by this shooter.  Here is her blog post about the Eaton Center shooting.

There are three debates that are going on about this shooting.  One is should The Dark Knight Rises Movie be pulled because of this event?  I say no one should be scared and frightened because of this shooting.  I still plan to go see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and will have a review here on Geek Alabama.  And I encourage all of you to go see the movie this weekend.  I believe movie theater companies are going to have to increase security for a while.  And the chains are probably going to have to ban costumes and fake weapons inside the theater.  But I am not afraid of going to a movie theater to see any movie and you should not be either.  In fact it is probably safer to go see a movie now.

Two is about gun control.  I am a big believer of allowing people to have a concealed weapons permit to carry a gun like what is done in Texas.  If someone had a concealed weapon inside theater number 9 would there have been that many killed or injured?  But I do wonder why people should be allowed to carry these big automatic weapons like the AK-47 and other automatic weapons.  Are these types of weapons needed in society today?  I don’t think so.  But I have no problem allowing people to have shotguns, pistols, and other less harmful weapons.  Some people are arguing that we should have strict gun controls in America and I think that is wrong.  If we banned all guns and weapons the criminals would still have weapons and go around killing people.  This is something that would not work and would also conflict with the 2nd amendment.

The third debate is something that even affects me.  James Holmes was described as a loner by some people and they wonder why he dropped out of school and purchased the weapons to harm all those people.  My thoughts about this guy is he MIGHT have some forms of autism like I do.  And this is where the debate begins.  The F.B.I. has this article talking about the suspicious activities to look for in the possibility of terrorism.  The list below describes what some activities people do that has Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

I draw maps and take plenty of photos and videos of what some people thinks are “inappropriate.”  I go around here and there and take pictures and videos of traffic, traffic lights, and trains.  And yes I have had some police contact about these activities thinking I could be doing something involving terrorism.  Some examples below.

This is something I love to do without having the police getting in my way.  This is also something I do that does not involve any terrorist activity.  What I am afraid is going to happen because of this shooting is the police are going to be more active in talking to people who do activities that are “inappropriate.”  I hope this will not happen but I am guessing I am about to see more police that look at me funny while I take a picture of a traffic light or film a train going by.

Overall this is a horrible day in America.  12 people are dead and around 60 were injured.  And even the shooter’s apartment was rigged with booby traps.  So James Holmes pretty much just snapped.  And he will have to face the people he harmed.  Click on the link to find out ways you can help from the Colorado shootings.

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