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Roadscapes Wednesday: Rough Crossing


At times when I travel on Coleman Rd. here in Anniston and Oxford you have to go across a busy railroad crossing run by Norfolk Southern.  The problem with this crossing is it has gotten very rough.  Every time I go across this crossing it feels like I might have blown a tire.  Now I went out to take some pictures and to film cars going across the crossing.  As you can see in the pictures and video below.  One of the panels is off-center and when someone crosses it bounces around.

To add even more problems at this crossing.  All crossings must have information so someone can report a stalled car or crossing malfunction.  Yes there are stickers with a phone number but the street name and crossing number is faded away.  So for someone who is not from this area and has no idea what street they are on.  This could lead to a train wreck and that is not a good thing with the high train traffic on this line.

So Norfolk Southern; get out to that crossing and fix these things.  And to wrap up this post.  Here is a video of the crossing in action with a train!

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