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Dealing With A Interstate Closure


We have had a lot of traffic on the side roads over the last 24 hours.  Interstate 20 westbound in Oxford was closed late Thursday night when a sinkhole formed over the travel lanes.  A couple of car problems occurred at the sinkhole before the highway was closed.  And traffic was detoured onto nearby U.S. 78 which became a slow traffic parking lot.

Late night and early morning photos of the work to repair the sinkhole on I-20.  They put cement in the sinkhole to plug it up and then paved it over.  But during the closure the traffic on U.S. 78 was very bad and was crawling at best.  See what I mean with the photos below.

It is rare you see an Interstate so empty like this.  At least this sinkhole is not going to cause the Interstate to be closed for very long.  And let’s all hope that this sinkhole is done sinking.  Because with all the Interstate traffic in this area.  We can not deal with an long-term closure in this area.

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