It’s Time To Get Off The Phone

UPDATE:  This is my 200th post on Young’s Blog!  Thanks to you all for reading.

I read this article on Geek Mom about a new game called the phone stack.  The game is so simple to play.  Everyone at the dinner table has to put their phone upside down and stacked together in the middle of the table.  As dinner goes on everyone at the table might hear the phones buzzing and ringing with temptation to pick up.  If it is your phone doing all the noise making you start to get nervous.  It could be a friend you always like to talk to.  It could be a message with important information.  Or it could be an emergency phone call.  You start to sweat knowing you are so addicted to your phone.  And you finally give in and get your phone from the stack and knowing that you lost you can resume your addiction to your phone.  But your phone addiction comes with a price in the phone stack game.  You now get to pay the entire bill for dinner.  If eating at home you now get to clean up everything.  And if you continue to play the phone stack game and keep losing.  You will see the pain in your bank account or in your time.  Then you might consider to finally break your addiction to the phone.

Just about everyone now has a phone they carry around everywhere.  You might use it to check in to Foursquare.  You might use it to update your Facebook or Twitter status.  Or you might use it to be rude to everyone around you in society.  Some people have to be so rude while on their phones.  They become the king of rudeville while yapping in a line.  They decide to own the fast lane and ignore all road rules while talking or texting to everyone.  And these people who have a phone addiction will never admit they have a addiction problem.  You wonder how long it will be until someone with a huge phone addiction appears on the show Intervention.  We as a society need to put down our phones and get back to an normal life.  How about exercising; reading a book; or simply talking to someone else.  The phone stack game would be perfect for a house full of teenagers.  You have to wonder how long it would be before they are right back texting to their bff’s.