Saints And Sinners Comedy Tour

Everyone had a good time at the Saints and Sinners Comedy Tour at Heroes American Grille near Jacksonville, AL.  Matthew Lumpkin and Patrick Jolle performed a great show.  I am going to show off some pictures and videos of the show below.  Enjoy!

Chris Wright Introducing.

Pictures of Patrick Jolle.

Pictures of Matthew Lumpkin.

Pictures of both guys together.

I had a chicken sandwich and chips and later I had some wings.  The chicken is very thick!  And the wings were good too!

Can you tell that Dianna Michaels was having a good time?  For more info. about the Saints and Sinners comedy tour go to


Weekend Planning: 4-6 to 4-8


Part of Geek Alabama is to enjoy the events that happen each weekend.  They bring joy and happiness to the entire family.  The people holding and attending the events get publicity on this blog.  And they also pump tax money into the economy as well.  So in this new weekly segment called Weekend Planning.  Geek Alabama will highlight a local event that is going to be held the upcoming weekend.  Any event held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday could be talked about on this segment.  So for the first edition; the Saints and Sinners comedy tour is coming to Heroes American Grille in Jacksonville.  Enjoy a sneak peek of the show below!  Warning adult language.

Patrick Jolle and Matthew Lumpkin who is from the Alexandria area of Calhoun County; are going to provide lots of laughs.  “The Saints and Sinners Comedy Tour” mixes the mainstream, working man’s material of Matthew Lumpkin with the ego boosted flair of Patrick Jolle into one hilarious and down right entertaining comedy experience.  Two shows will be preformed on Friday night April 6th at 7:30pm and 9:30pm.  Get your tickets now by visiting  This show is brought to you by Pepsi Next and Rock 105.9/Rock 98.3.