Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup.  The best web videos I have seen in the last week.

Chow Down at Chick-Fil-A (Adult Language)

I wonder if the heads of Chick-Fil-A approve of this?

Musical Tesla Coils

Singing Sweet Home Alabama.

Flying Like a Bird

Sadly this was FAKE!

What is Love on Floppy Drives

This causes all geeks and nerds to drool!

Optical Illusion Sculpture

This is cool!

Largest Car Loop the Loop

This is also cool!

Words Do Hurt

Great video to help stop bullying!

Walk Off the Earth

Everything made out of boxes!

One on One Solider Tug-O-War

Who is going to win?

Vortex Cannon

This is cool science!

The Real Meaning of MPH

Another dumb blonde moment.

Paraplegic Bungee Jump

Scratch one of the bucket list!

Military Dad as Captain America

This is a sweet video!

Dog Welcomes Home Solider

Another sweet video!