Animation Monday: 3’s A Crowd

Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con for sending this magazine!

The Grammy’s

I know this has nothing to do with animation.  This Sunday because of Whitney Houston’s death I watched The Grammy’s.  I recorded all the animation domination cartoons on Fox to watch later.  The tributes to Whitney Houston were great.  I loved how the host LL Cool J began the show with a prayer.  And the tribute by Jennifer Hudson was amazing.  It made the entire audience speechless.  Of course the big winner was Adele who took home many Grammy’s.  And Adele’s performance of “Rolling in the Deep” was very good.  Overall this year’s Grammy Awards show was great!  And what was it with the weird Mickey Mouse look-alike during one of the performances?  So this was a very good year for the Grammy’s and it probably set record ratings.  We will know that on Monday.

Comic Book Men

A new show premiered on AMC after The Walking Dead.  This show is about Kevin Smith’s Comic Book shop and it is filmed in New Jersey.  I hate to say this but I found this show to be a rip-off of Pawn Stars on History Channel.  Sure there were some good moments in the show.  Like talking to each other in front of the microphones.  And there were some great things brought in to the comic shop to be apprised.  But this show is off to a slow start.  And I can not believe that AMC is now going down the road of other cable channels by showing junk reality shows.  Comic Books are loved by many people and the animation in them is great as well.  But do we really need another reality show?  I thought that Comic Book Men easily reminded me of the comic book guy on The Simpsons.  Just very boring.

Latest Phineas and Ferb Episodes

I find you guys out there amazing.  I put up a post about a month ago about the Phineas and Ferb time shift weekend.  And there is still traffic coming in to read that post.  Thank you all for reading Young’s Blog.  I have had some weird search results from people like Dan Povenmire’s blog; Phineas and Ferb all grown up; Phineas and Ferb jewish.  So as long as my posts bring in more people; the more the merrier.  So last Friday Night the latest Phineas and Ferb episode was shown.  And boy they were good.

The first episode Monster From the Id goes inside Candace‘s mind.  And after what everyone saw; I just hope that her mind is not like every other teenage girl’s mind.  Candace’s mind is filled with anxiety; pretty girl stuff; thinking about Jeremy; Phineas and Ferb as pray; and getting eaten by some weird Candace monster.  By the way; why does Dr. Doof not throw away his old underwear.  It looks very bad on him.  And that was one very creative inator Dr. Doof built only to see it destroyed by Agent P.

The second episode Gi-Ants sees Phineas and Ferb building a human size ant farm.  The kids are sprayed with ant perfume before entering to play along with the ants.  But Candace is spayed repeatedly with the ant perfume and the ants make her the queen.  Then the ants gets more involved with things like gardening; the industrial revolution; overthrowing Candace; and flying into space with their ant farm turned into a turkey.  Dr. Doof’s inator would become very handy during Thanksgiving.  No more cooking turkeys!  And Linda being dressed as the Statue of Liberty is just great!

By the way on March 3rd it’s Platypus Day.  And Disney is wanting people to do the platypus walk; just watch these two videos below.  More of this will be coming soon on Young’s Blog.

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