Calhoun County Relay For Life 2013


On Friday night, many people came out to the McClellan Soccer Fields for the 2013 Calhoun County Relay For Life.  126 teams were registered in this year’s Relay For Life.  And the total fundraising amount totaled at over $347,000!  All of the money raised from this event supports cancer research and programs to help those battling the disease.  This year is the 100th anniversary of the American Cancer Society.  Today, two out of three people are surviving cancer and more than 400 people a day in the U.S. are celebrating birthdays that would otherwise be lost to cancer.  That’s great progress!

Relay for Life is all about celebrating more birthdays!  In the video and photos below, you will see the Survivors Lap, caregiver and team laps, photos from Cheaha Cheer and Tumble and the Alabama State Trooper Helicopter, photos of many of the tents and booths, the Luminaria Ceremony with the lighting of lanterns, a performance from More Than This, and much more!

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Enjoy the photos and video!


Calhoun County Relay For Life 2012

On Friday Night many people in Calhoun County came together for a great cause. The Calhoun County Relay For Life raised over $200,000 and it’s counting.  Thousands of people and 126 teams came together to help find a cure to cancer.  Also many vendors helped to raise money for this event.  Thanks to everyone for coming out to a great night.  And thanks to Steve Stevens, Julie Daniels, and Chris Wright for helping to host the event.   Enjoy the photos and video of this great event.

And yes there was still people out after midnight.  Even the Smoke-N-Hot truck was still serving food.  Photos taken at 2:30am.

Relay For Life Survivor’s Lap

I have so many photos from the Calhoun County Relay For Life I have decided to split it up into two posts.  This post involves the Survivors First Lap.  Every Relay for Life has the first lap featuring all of the cancer survivors and the sponsors who helped to raise money for this great cause.  This post features all of the survivors and sponsors during the first lap.  Come back later for the rest from the Calhoun County Relay For Life.  And the photos and videos are awesome!