24 Days Left to Christmas 2011

 24 Days Left to Christmas

Today will start a series on each day until Christmas; this is going to be fun!

At The North Pole:

One thing you would see if you ever go to the North Pole is the baker.  Think about it; you do not have a Wal-Mart up there or it is not cost-effective to deliver groceries up there.  So everything you need to eat in the North Pole is made from scratch.  You always get that bakery smell and the food is great too.  Of course all of your favorite Christmas cookies and desserts are made daily.  But they also make fresh baked breads and pastries.  You would not want the elves making the Christmas presents to starve; would you?

Christmas Song:

You do not have many Christmas songs with a rock theme to it.  Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms has many bells in it.  But it has the disco song theme to the party songs you heard in the 1950’s/60’s.  I just wished the song could be a little longer.

Adult Gift Idea:

All of my gift suggestions will have a geek tone to it.  So I thought this was cool.  You know if you push pins down like your hand it makes a copy of your hand image.  Well this pin clock takes this to the next level with the time with pins.  Find on Amazon.

Child Gift Idea:

My child gift ideas will feature things that can get kids creative.  So get the kids thinking by having them build a roller coaster.  The K’Nex Super Cyclone coaster can get the creative juices flowing.  Find at Wal-Mart.

Christmas Wish:

Everyone is thankful for what they have so I will give you suggestions for Christmas wishes and prayers.

My wish for today is for people who are unemployed (like me) to hopefully gain a job in the near future.

Come back tomorrow for day 2 of the 25 days of Christmas!