Shape Up! – Week 24

This is week 24 in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.


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Well let’s face it everyone.  It has just gotten too hot!  Yes this weekend is looking like it will be one of the hottest heat waves Alabama has seen in a very long time.  And whenever it gets way too hot outside.  I start making those mistakes.  I am guessing many of you does not know my record on being outdoors when its super hot.  In my first summer job as a dockhand I dropped over 10 gas caps into the water.  And when boat gas caps go into the water; it sinks!  Also I poked several holes through the seat of a very expensive boat while I was detailing it.  And at my last job at Fed Ex during these hot humid days I would have some trouble as well.  We had to load our own vans at the terminal and when it was hot; yes I dropped packages with fragile stuff in them.  And while I was out on my route I had a van that had some A/C trouble.  The A/C was pretty much hotwired to the battery.  So when the wire became loose and the A/C stopped working I pulled over to turn it back on.  After some tape it stayed on for a long time.  And on the few days I had to drive the big truck and the back was over 100 degrees.  Well let’s say I almost crashed.

And the track record isn’t better when I was not working.  Anytime I had to push a lawnmower as a kid things did not go well.  After being outside for a short period I would hit something like a rock that would fly and break a window.  Or I would mow something like the edge of the flower bed because I was not thinking.  I do not think very well when its hot and humid outside.  Another time was when my mom owned some farm animals and we had a garden.  The animals did fine but the garden did not do well when I had to do something.  Yes I messed up some plants here and there.  And one time when I grilled outdoors I accidentally caught the yard on fire.  Yes just being my self when its hot and humid outside.

And on the one time I actually played football things did not go well.  I collapsed several times and almost broke my leg when slipping on something on the sideline.  And during the three games we played I helped the other team score once.  Yes just being myself when its hot and humid outside.  So I think you get the idea; I don’t do very well when its hot and humid outside.  That’s why my walking and any other exercises is being done at 6 or 7 in the morning.  And I can not wait for the cooler weather to come back.  That will stop these silly mistakes that I have no control over.  And if you have not guessed it yet.  I love cold and snow!

Here is what I ate last week:

Saturday: Hotpockets, Sweet tea.

Sunday: Chicken breast, Brown rice, Sweet tea, Yogurt.

Monday: Ham steak, Brown rice, Sweet tea, Yogurt.

Tuesday: Hotpockets, Sweet tea, Yogurt.

Wednesday: Steak, Brown rice, Sweet tea, Yogurt.

Thursday: Frozen Pizza, Sweet tea, Yogurt.

Friday:  Cereal, Burger, Sweet Tea, Yogurt.

Have a good week everyone!  And have a safe 4th of July!


Why I Love Cold And Snow

I always love winter time.  In fact winter is coming back with a vengeance today in NE Alabama with this strong arctic cold front.  The wind is blowing hard from the northwest.  It is dark and cloudy outside.  And even a couple of snowflakes are flying today.  Take a look at this picture from Florence.

Seeing all of that snow flying in the air is very pretty.  A side note; I am watching Focus @ 4 on ABC 33/40 and you hear a phone ringing in the background while on live television.  You would think that all electronics would be off while live?  Back to the cold; you will often see me wearing a t-shirt; shorts and flip-flops just about the entire time.  Even if it is cold outside.  While it is cold outside and dressed like its summer time.  People come up and say “are you cold?”  And I respond I am from the northern part of the country.  I have lived in colder climates like Ohio; Michigan; Wyoming; and Montana.  I will tell people you know if it’s cold outside when it is -10 degrees outside and you feel your nose hairs freezing.  Now that is cold!  When it is very cold outside you do not have to worry about sweating hard or smelling bad when it is 100 degrees outside with high humidity.  I hate that type of weather.  During the summer you will often find me inside in A/C and away from that heat. If I have to do anything outside while its very hot outside I will screw things up.  For example in my first job being a dock-hand at a marina.  I poked holes in the seat covers of very expensive boats and while putting gas in boats I dropped over 10 gas caps in the water.  And when a gas cap goes into the water it sinks for good.  And when I start sweating a lot when it is humid outside; I make a lot of mistakes like breaking things and screwing things up.  That is why I will not mow a yard during the summer time.

Let’s be honest; snow scenes are so beautiful to shoot.  And on the plus side; I know how to drive on snow covered roads.  And living in the south most people have no clue how to drive on roads covered in snow.  So the drive is peaceful and quiet with hardly anyone to contend with.  People in the south start to freak out when the word “snow” is mentioned anytime on local news.  When there is a threat of snow people will run out to the store and grab bread and milk.  I do not know why those two items are staples in snow events.  But would you get items that can last in case you can not go out?

The bread aisle gets bare when snow is in the forecast in the south.

I just love when there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it’s very cold outside.  You can snuggle up next to a warm fire with some hot chocolate with marshmallows.  And during the day you can make a giant snowman.  Or sled down a large hill.  Or cross country ski and shoot some great scenes.


When we used to live in Albion, MI every winter they held the cardboard classic.  Where people created these homemade sleds and raced down a large hill.  It was funny to watch some homemade sleds pretty much fall apart while going down a hill.  We have plenty of hills around in NE Alabama but we just need the cold and snow.  I wish we can have a lot of snow on the ground and let the kids experience the fun the people up north get to have each winter.  When it gets super cold outside I might do something weird like totally freeze my car in a sheet of ice.

So you all now get the idea; I just really love cold and snow!

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