Using Technology To Get In Shape

Let’s face it.  Technology is all around us today.  It even powers this blog and all other websites in the world.  So using tech can help anyone get in better shape including me.

That’s my story on ABC 33/40 from a couple of days ago.  My mom was very surprised to see me on TV.  Yes I kept it a secret to her until it finally aired.  She is wanting to help me in this process.  Since I am still unemployed six months later I can not afford to get anything to help me in the Shape Up campaign.  Luckily there is the internet that has a wealth of knowledge for free.  And there are people who you can talk too to help as well.  My mom reads this blog and she wants to know what could help in my journey to lose weight.  So here is my list.

Fitocracy – Free

This is an website that is still in invite mode but thanks to the people from Geek Dad I got to join.  This site has you enter all the exercise activity you do each day.  And as you do more exercises you will earn more points.  And as you move up to different levels you can complete special challenges to earn more points.  You can also compete against other people or groups.  I have joined the Geek group on Fitocracy and it is fun to compete against others.

Striiv – $99

This is one very smart pedometer I saw on Geek Mom.  Not only this will count how many steps you take but it also tracks how many calories you burn and it even issues challenges to increase your walking each time you use it.  The most special thing is when you have walked enough steps it will make a donation to an cause like providing clean water or helping to end polio. Or I can upgrade to a brand new smartphone that can cost hundreds of dollars.  But I love my current small cell phone.

X-Box 360 with Kinect and Games – $200-$400

The best thing about video game systems is now it comes with motion technology.  There is now games out there that can provide you with a great workout in the privacy of your own home.  Games like Just Dance, EA Sports Active, and The Biggest Loser are great for people looking for a great workout from a video game.  To be honest; I hate going to a gym.  I just feel uncomfortable going and having people stare at me or I do not know how to use the machines the right way.  So this is an great alternative.

P90X – $120

Don’t have the money to shell out for an brand new gaming system.  This might be the next best thing.  I have read and seen people in the geek community and from ESPN saying this really works.  This workout program uses muscle confusion and highly intense workouts and it does work.

So these are four great ways technology can be used to get into better shape.  I wish I could buy some of these things myself but I have one problem.  Where are the jobs?  At least my mom is thinking about helping.

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