Shape Up! – Week 9

This is week nine in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

I want you all to read this article from CNN.  It is talking about how younger and younger kids are worried about being fat.  And these kids as young as 5 view people who are fat as lazy and ugly among other things.  This is very sad that kids are viewing fat people as being lazy.  It seems like our culture is seeing more and more people who share this same view.  Here is the link to read this story.

More kids are now viewing people that are fat as unpopular.  And with more people having the same view.  How are the people that are fat going to succeed in life?  Sure some people can get in shape and see their lives turn around.  But some people who are fat also have medical problems.  Some people might have a disability where it makes it hard to lose weight.  Others might have a severe medical condition where they can not do much exercise.  So these people who want to work or have a successful life can not find the successful path because some people are discriminatory to fat people.  How does it make the fat people feel?

In my view I see more of society becoming like this.  I have always been big in my life and I was bullied in school multiple times.  Some of my family were even bullies to me.  And since I am still looking for my 14th job in 6 years.  I have been to several interviews and I have applied to many applications.  Then I will get back a e-mail or phone call saying sorry we hired someone else.  When I worked for Fed Ex I sometimes felt like I was the one being taken advantage of.  I was out 12, 14, or even 16 hours a day.  Then someone would call and say I need your help.  They would give me the deliveries that were far away.  And by the time I got back to the terminal they were already home.  Often I was the last one back to the terminal every night around 9-10pm.

I wish people would treat everyone else fairly no matter what you look like.  And sadly I still see some discrimination here and there.  Why do you see adults getting Botox shots so they can stay young and successful in the workplace.  That is the culture we live in today.  Look too big or too old.  You could be replaced by someone who is younger and looks pretty.  I am afraid that my mom is going to have no choice but to find a way to help support me soon because no one is willing to give me a chance.  The people who interview me sometimes see me as weird.  And with stacks of applications on their desk.  They just move on to the next person.  At least I still have this blog.  Because this has been a great success and it is going to get better in April.  Stay tuned!

Here is what I ate in the last week:

Saturday: Cereal; Popcorn; Pizza;  Milo’s no calorie tea.

Sunday: Cereal; Bread; Pork chop; Brown rice; Milo’s no calorie tea.

Monday: Yogurt, Bread; Popcorn; Chicken Sandwich; Brown rice; Strawberry fruit bar; Milo’s no calorie tea.

Tuesday: Yogurt, Pop tart; Peanuts; Steak Sandwich; Baked chips; Strawberry fruit bar; Milo’s no calorie tea.

Wednesday: Yogurt, Pop tart; Peanuts; Chicken Sandwich; Brown rice; Strawberry fruit bar; Milo’s no calorie tea.

Thursday: Yogurt, Pop tart; Peanuts; Grilled Chicken; Potatoes; Steak sandwich; Baked chips; Strawberry fruit bar; Milo’s no calorie tea.

Friday: Yogurt, Pop tart; Peanuts; French bread pizza; Fries; Strawberry fruit bar; Milo’s no calorie tea.

Have a good week everyone!