Video Roundup: Self-Driving Car, Robot Band, Military Homecoming

Geek Alabama Video Roundup

This is Video Roundup; the best web videos I have seen in the last week.

Self-Driving Car

The future is here!

Robot Band

Robots doing the song Moves Like Jagger.

Sand Flea Robot

This is very cool!

Dear the Cleveland Browns

Please improve your team.

Indie Animation

Great animated music video.

Eat it Don’t Tweet It

Taking a shot at food bloggers.

Obama Spoof

Singing Sexy and I Know It.

Ray Lewis Speech

Great speech toward the Stanford basketball team.

Stockholm Speech

Great use of iPads!

Pregnant and I Know it

Another funny video!

Rabbit Shooting

This is not a liked video.

Giant Paper Airplane

It actually flew!

Animal House

Cats, Foxes, and Eagles; oh my!

Military Homecoming

High School senior gets a great surprise!

Military Homecoming

Family gets a great surprise!