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Big Signal Labs is the name that I use for the videos that I have shot, produced, and edited.  Videos features events and happenings going on in Alabama, Georgia, and the Southeast, cooking videos, Roadscapes, Trainscapes, The Southern Geek and Aspie Vlogs videos, experiments, video games, product reviews, and more!  All videos are uploaded to YouTube after being posted to Geek Alabama.  You can view all the videos on YouTube at Hope you enjoy the videos!

Here are my top 10 videos!  Go to to view the rest!

Geek Alabama Channel Trailer / Intro Video

Hub Network’s Kid President What’s The Hubbub

Southern 630 Locomotive in Attalla Alabama

Toyota Corolla #UnexpectEverything Weekend in Atlanta Georgia

The January 28th Snow Nightmare In Alabama

What Not To Do At A Dark Traffic Light

Rescuing A Dog In Ragland Alabama

Roadscapes: Quintard Avenue In Anniston Alabama

The Final Clay Bowl

Wedding at the Alabama Phoenix Festival


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