Sunday Discussion: Sugar

When I watched 60 minutes last weekend I saw this story about why sugar is helping to decline the health of America.  Here’s the video. Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup is […]


Aspie Recipes: Fresh Baked Strawberry Pie

This recipe I would say is the best recipe I have done so far!  I took this pie to my parents house for Easter and they could not believe it was so good!  We even compared […]


Aspie Recipes: Homemade Chicken Dog Jerky

I watched a video from the YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs.  These folks made homemade dog treats from chicken. Many dog treats have been getting recalled from the government because it is unsafe.  So after the peanut […]


The Meaning of Easter

Easter day is here!  It’s the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.  It is also the day we come together to family and friends.  This video is a great illustration on why […]


Grace Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday; Grace Baptist Church in Oxford Alabama held a huge Easter egg hunt for the kids.  Over 23,000 eggs were placed in roped off areas for the kids to grab.  And […]


New Georgina Pictures

I have had these pictures laying around in my computer and I guess I need to show them off.  Each time I go to my mom’s house the dog Georgina just has […]


Meapless in Seattle and Charity Auction

Well tonight at 9/8c on Disney Channel the sequel to the Phineas and Ferb episode The Chronicles of Meap airs called Meapless in Seattle.  If you have never seen the first episode; […]


The End of the Rampage

http://blog.al.com/businessnews/2012/04/new_splash_adventure_to_expand.html#incart_mce It’s the end of an era at the former Alabama Adventure park.  The Rampage roller coaster is destined to be torn down and sold off.  A news conference was held today and it was […]


Business Review: Chick-Fil-A

One of my favorite fast-food joints is Chick-Fil-A.  All they do is chicken and nothing else.  Their chicken is cooked fresh, their waffle fries are great; and their hand-spun milkshakes are yummy! […]


Legislative Roundup – Week 9

Well the folks down in Montgomery are back this week!  And boy you just have to hear about the general fund budget.  Every department is going to have huge cuts!  Some of […]

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