Giving Away Free Gas

On Saturday morning I saw some people across the street at the gas station holding some signs.  And when I drove up I thought they were doing a very good deed for […]

Glencoe vs. Piedmont Week 3 2012

  Here are the pictures of the week 3 high school football game between the Glencoe Yellow Jackets and the Piedmont Bulldogs.  The final score was Piedmont 49 and Glencoe 7. The […]

Sunday Discussion: The Mormon Church

As you know; Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee for president.  And people also know he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I decided for this […]

Running Behind On My Pinterest

If you have been to my Pinterest page at you have noticed I have hardly pined anything in the last few months.  I have putting off the need to pin my best photos from […]

Video Roundup: Manliness, Animals, Chalk

Here is my top 10 videos on Video Roundup this week! Chalk Warfare 2.0 I would love to do this! First Animal to Survive in Space Cool geeky stuff! Rufus Tower This […]

The Entire Cartoon Universe

I found this awesome Kickstarter project that has already have enough funding to be funded on September 16th.  Ray Sumser from New York has been working on a mural of the entire […]

Business Review: Tasty Dip Heflin, AL

I always love those classic restaurants with the classic looks and tasty food.  Sadly most of these classic drive-in restaurants have gone away in favor of those modern fast food joints.  Even Sonic Drive-In is too […]

The iPhone 5 is Here!

  All of the tech world has focused today on Apple Headquarters as the announcement of the iPhone 5 was made today!  There were also new announcements today for the iPod and iTunes as […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Bad Drivers

Last weekend I caught a few bad drivers in the act along Quintard Ave.  This first bad driver had a green arrow to turn left but decided to stop in the middle […]

9-11-01 11th Anniversary

Can you believe it.  On this exact day eleven years ago America and the world witnessed the worst terrorist attack in American history.  When the entire event unfolded just about everyone was shocked.  And […]

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