Geek Alabama’s Top Animal YouTube Channels

There’s one thing I love watching on YouTube.  I love to see creative video makers make videos featuring our furry friends.  So I have come up with my five top YouTube Channels […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Villa Rica, GA

This week I wanted to feature some photos of the downtown scene in Villa Rica, GA.  U.S. 78 and GA 61 runs through the downtown area as well as the Norfolk Southern line.  There […]

Sunday Discussion: Shutting Down Spay and Neuter Clinics

Update: The board dropped the issue on Wednesday October 10th! Rhonda Parker (AVRAL Chair) reported from Montgomery just now: An amazing success for animal advocates – ASBVME dropped the issue, will not […]

Central of Clay County vs. Munford Week 5 2012

  Here are the pictures of the week 5 high school football game between the Central of Clay County Volunteers and the Munford Lions.  The final score was Central of Clay County […]

Video Roundup: Gunfight, Volcano, Dolphin Birth

Another great top 10 videos for Video Roundup!  Here we go! iPhone 5 Box Prank The reactions were priceless! U.S. Solider Survives Gunfight This was one amazing video! Ohio University Gangnam Style […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: George Wallace Tunnel

Over the last few days traffic in Mobile, AL has been a pain in the (you know what.)  The Bankhead Tunnel that opened in 1941 has been going through some construction repairs and […]

The Worst Call in Football History

Most people can not believe what happened on Monday Night Football on ESPN.  On the final play of the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks game QB Russell Wilson launched a Hail Mary pass toward […]

Aimee Copeland Benefit Ride & Concert–hugs-for-Aimee-Copeland-on-her-return-to-Carroll-County?instance=TG_home_story Even though I did a high school football game on Friday night.  When I heard of this event happening in Geek Alabama territory (NE Alabama/NW Georgia) I had to cover this! […]

Anniston vs. Alexandria Week 4 2012

  Here are the pictures of the week 4 high school football game between the Anniston Bulldogs and the Alexandria Valley Cubs.  The final score was Anniston 21 and Alexandria 12. The […]

Video Roundup: Fraggle Rock, Popinator, Dubstep

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 10 videos of the week! Lightning Hits the Sea Wow this is cool! Ben Folds Five and Fraggle Rock My childhood is back! The Popinator […]

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