Animation at Alabama Phoenix Festival

I would consider this my Animation Monday post for this week.  Some of the guests at the Alabama Phoenix Festival were very talented animators.  The festival had the comic area where you […]

Games, Auction, and Radio

I am going to show off some more scenes from the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  The first one is a War of the Worlds radio reenactment on Saturday.  Four guys did a great job telling […]

Extra Scenes From the Alabama Phoenix Festival

I still have more posts to go from the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  In fact I am converting another video right now for a future post.  But this old computer is taking its […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Speeding Through A Work Zone

On my way back from the Alabama Phoenix Festival I followed a pack of cars doing around 75mph in a 55mph zone on Interstate 20 through the work zone in St. Clair […]

The Walking Dead Panels at A.P.F.

Over the three-day period at the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  Lots of people had a good time seeing Larry Mainland, Sonya Thompson, and Savana Jade Wehunt talk about their experiences as zombies on The […]

Costumes at Alabama Phoenix Festival

It felt so good to sleep in on this Memorial day.  I have many more posts to go from the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  I have to say the people who wore costumes […]

Doctor Osborn at Alabama Phoenix Festival 2012

I saw numerous people wearing balloon sculptures on their heads at the festival.  And on Saturday I saw who was doing this.  Darrell Osborn or Dr. Osborn claims to be a mad […]

Costume Show at Alabama Phoenix Festival

On Saturday night many people attended a great costume show showing off some of the best costumes in the festival.  Some of the creativity and details in these costumes are great and […]

Art Show at Alabama Phoenix Festival

In the first of many posts to come out of the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  An Art show has several artists showing off their work to the people attending.  And the cool part […]

Ann Welch For Mayor Launch Party

On Thursday night I went to Classic on Noble again for the launch party of mayor candidate Ann Welch.  The crowd was good and everyone had a good time!  Ann Welch thanked […]

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