Animation Monday: Animated TV Moms

On this edition of Animation Monday on a Tuesday again.  I want to talk about TV and movie moms.  Not the ones in your average sitcoms and dramas.  But the ones that are in […]

Sunday Discussion: Legislature Last Day

On Wednesday the Alabama Legislature will complete its last day of the legislative session.  And the bills that still have to be considered is huge!  Not only they have to consider the budgets; but they have to deal […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Below is what I wrote for a contest over on the Geek Mom blog but I did not win anything.  It’s hard to keep the story under 1500 characters.  So I also […]

Foster Girl’s Death and Relay For Life

Ragland Tragic Death I feel like I needed to update the story of a 8 or 9 year-old girl who was found hanging from a tree Thursday night.  The story has the […]

Another Useless Job Fair

Update:  Hey I crossed the 20,000 reader mark on Geek Alabama.  Thanks for reading! Yesterday me and my mom went to downtown Birmingham in the rain to a job fair at The […]

Digital City Videos Are Here

Last week I had a blast at the UAB Digital City Ethnographic Film event.  Eight movies were shown on the giant IMAX screen inside the McWane Science Center.  And all the films were very […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: I-59 Work

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday I took some photos of a closed interstate.  Yep I went onto the closed portion of I-59 in the Etowah County work zone.  Both lanes of traffic […]

Fun With Soccer Collies

When I went to cover the Carrollton Georgia Mayfest Arts and Crafts Festival I knew I had to stick around and see the Soccer Collies.  And I was very amazed on how well-trained these […]

Animation Monday: Cell Phones

I think this Animation Monday on a Tuesday is very timely.  Governor Bentley signed a bill today that would ticket people who text and drive.  I think this is a very smart […]

Sunday Discussion: Alabama Schools

This story has been making the rounds down here in Alabama.  A bill going through the Alabama Legislature would force school systems all throughout Alabama to not start school so early in […]

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