Animation Monday: Thanksgiving Cartoons

I just love seeing some of these great political cartoons online.  And since retailers and companies wants to force Christmas down our throats before we even get to Thanksgiving.  I went online […]

Brooks Vs. Munford: Playoffs Week 2 2012

  Here are the pictures of the week 2 playoff high school football game between the Brooks Lions and the Munford Lions.  The final score was Brooks 45 and Munford 35. 9 […]

Hostess Brands Going Out of Business Sale

With the announcement of Hostess Brands going out of business I went down to the local  Merita Bakery Thrift Store in Oxford, Alabama where they were holding a going out of business sale. […]

Video Roundup: Flash Mob, Juice Train, Caffeine

Another edition of Video Roundup.  My top 10 videos of the week! Big Bang Theory Flash Mob They did a good job! Dumb Ways to Die This PSA was perfect! Florida to […]

The Day The Twinkie Died

What a sad day for all snack food fans.  Hostess Brands, the maker of such iconic baked goods as Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Zingers, Sno Balls, Ho Hos, and Wonder Bread.  announced today […]

I Am Glad Twilight Is Over!

I am so glad the entire Twilight series is ending.  Ever since the first movie came out in 2008 the movie franchise has made a boatload of money.  If you have lived […]

Why Video Games Are Good For The Family

On Tuesday I watched the live feed of the Activision’s Family Game Summit held in New York City.  The summit was about Activision’s new games that are coming out.  Plus several speakers talked […]

The Nashville Network is Back!

Does anyone remember The Nashville Network?  TNN launched in 1983 and ran the best country music and lifestyle programming on cable.  Programming included variety shows, talk shows, game shows, outdoors shows, and lifestyle shows, […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: ALDOT Bashing in Etowah County

One thing I love to do on Geek Alabama is do some ALDOT bashing.  The state department that is responsible for maintaining our highways has been wasting millions of dollars in the […]

Wax On, Wax Off on Jimmy Fallon

This is one of my favorite segments on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  This game called Wax On, Wax Off features a guy who is laying on a table shirtless.  He has […]

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